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Jaime Castrillon Out For 3-4 Months

Colorado's leading scorer in 2012 will be out of action until at least May for the Rapids.

Marc Piscotty

The depth of this team, the depth that we've been touting the past month or so? We're going to have to see just how right we are about that depth very quickly as the 2013 season begins. Jaime Castrillon is going to miss 3-4 months at the start of the season after being forced into knee surgery, per the Denver Post.

Assuming the surgery is going to be within the next week or two, that means that we won't be seeing our leading scorer from last season back on the pitch until about May. We can probably expect Pablo Mastroeni and Dillon Powers to get a lot more time on the field in the linking role in the midfield with him out.

One interesting thing about this is that the rumors of Castrillon moving back down to Colombia seem to have fallen by the wayside since the surgery news came out. It will be something to watch when he's finally healthy again.