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Hunter Freeman Moves To New York Cosmos

Today, former Rapids right back Hunter Freeman signed with... the New York Cosmos? What?


I don't think anyone expected Hunter Freeman to make a jump from MLS down to the NASL or a different lower division, especially after a pretty solid season with the Colorado Rapids last year. His attacking presence was very good and he even chipped in with an occasional 'wowee' defensive play, which is why the New England Revolution scooped him up in the re-entry draft.

Well, leave it to the New York Cosmos to make us all look a fool.

Yeah, you're reading that right, Hunter Freeman signed with the New York Cosmos, otherwise known as that team that had a bunch of fans despite not existing for a while, and then turned into a real team that will finally start playing in the NASL starting next season. I'm interested how much Freeman's contract is worth -- he made fairly good money with Colorado last season.

I don't think I have any further commentary on this. Yeah.