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Buy Your American Outlaws Tickets For USA vs. Costa Rica On March 22nd Before Tomorrow

Planning on buying a ticket in the American Outlaws section for the USMNT vs. Costa Rica game? Do it today!

Kevork Djansezian

If you somehow weren't aware of this by now, it's going to be a madhouse at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in late March when the United States Men's National Team comes to town to play Costa Rica. The place to be, if you're an insane drunk like I -- and I assume, most of our readers -- am, will be the American Outlaws section. We'll all be standing in the South Stands (we can't use the Supporter's Terrace, fun as that would be, because of CONCACAF rules) and partying hard.

Do you have a ticket to the event yet in the AO section? Well, if you want one, you're going to need to make haste. I'll let AODenver say all that needs to be said:

For those of you who would prefer to sit and not interact with drunken yokels wearing eagle costumes with Uncle Sam hats during the game, the Rapids pre-sale for season ticket holders will start soon, and regular tickets will go on sale shorty after that.

But hey, why would you ever want to avoid the drunken yokels wearing eagle costumes with Uncle Sam hats?