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New Rapids Supporters Group Announced As Centennial 38

Centennial 38 was announced as the name of the new combined Supporters Group on Saturday.

Doug Pensinger

Shortly after the 2012 season ended for the Colorado Rapids, the three Supporter's Groups that hang around Dick's Sporting Goods Park made an executive decision to combine into one big group. Class VI, the Bulldog Supporters Group and Pid Army ceased to exist on Saturday, when after a vote the new name of the group was announced as the Centennial 38.

(Please insert 2007-era jokes about the Rapids only having 38 fans here, fans of opposing teams. Thank you!)

The new name takes us back a bit to the days of the Centennial Firm, one of the two groups that originally squished together to form the Pid Army in 2010. I personally threw in my vote for the name 'Queen City FC', harkening to Denver's nickname 'Queen City of the Plains', but there should be no qualms about C38.

Oh, and apparently the logo for the new group has oars in it. That's pretty neat as well. To close off, I'll let Richard Bamber have a snarky word: