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2014 World Cup Draw - What's The Best You've Simulated?

The USA might be in a tight spot come Friday, but that's nothing that a little wishful thinking and several hundred simulations can't make us delusional about.

Friedemann Vogel

Group of death this and group of death that is all you've been hearing the past few days about the upcoming FIFA World Cup Draw. The pots set by FIFA were not at all kind to the United States, or any team from Asia or CONCACAF. Because of the quite silly 'one fourth seed moves to the second' thing, it's very possible that we end up in a group with both the Netherlands and Portugal or something.

But let's not talk about that. We're all about good vibrations around here at Burgundy Wave, so I figured we should send some good stuff into the atmosphere by simulating the hell out of the draw until we got a few results that we liked. After a bunch of permutations, the best one I was able to come up with was this:


That's two very beatable teams for the US in Nigeria and England, and a team that they'll probably at the very least give a good fight in Colombia. Send your well wishes and prayers to Korea if this happens, though.

So far, what's the best one of these that you guys have simulated? Post a screencap in the comments below and I'll mail it to Sepp Blatter with some dirty Qatar money. I'm sure he can make it happen.