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Jaime Castrillon To Leave Rapids Before 2014

Colorado's leading scorer from 2012 will be the second player parting ways with the Rapids this off-season.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Diego Calderon was announced to be the first Colorado Rapids player leaving the team this off-season a few days ago, and the second loss of the off-season came shortly after. Jaime Castrillon, who led the Colorado Rapids in goals in 2012 with eight, will pursue other opportunities during the off-season.

Castrillon only managed to snag a handful of appearances in 2013, scoring a big goal to win the Rocky Mountain Cup back from Real Salt Lake but not managing a whole lot else as the younger talents of the Rapids midfield took over the spots he was winning back in '12. A major surgery for the Colombian during the off-season kept him out of the running for the starting spots early in the season as well.

With Castrillon now gone, the Rapids have lost their leading scorer from 2009 (Conor Casey), 2010 (Omar Cummings), 2011 (Jeff Larentowicz) and 2012 (Castrillon) in the last two off-seasons.