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Rumors Continue To Place Oscar Pareja Back In Dallas

Has Dan Hunt gotten his man? Well, not yet, but we're still on watch.

Winslow Townson

When the Rapids shot down FC Dallas a few weeks ago regarding Oscar Pareja, it looked like they were prepared to offer him a new contract. Their comments during the season about how they wanted Pareja to be their coach 'forever' seemed to go along with that. Unfortunately, the Dallas rumors never quite died down after that, and a new article from the Dallas Morning News might show why.

According to the article, talks have broken down as the Rapids have failed to offer that extension and contract to Pareja, who likely feels he deserves it after taking a team held together with scotch tape and spit to the MLS Cup Playoffs and producing some famous victories, including a 5-1 win over the Seattle Sounders (Colorado's first W over Seattle since 2010) and an undefeated record against Real Salt Lake that brought the Rocky Mountain Cup back to Colorado for the first time in ages.

That in mind, it looks very likely, if these sources are telling the truth, that Oscar will be going back to the team that spawned him in the first place. They go as far as to say that there may already be a tentative agreement in place to send Oscar back to Texas, with only the front offices standing in the way. Of course, Colorado can always sign their man to a new contract, but it's hard to believe that their best offer hasn't already been placed on the table at this point.

Rumors aside, it seems prudent to point out how absolutely ridiculous one particular paragraph in the article is:

This is the stumbling block. Allowing Oscar to leave not only puts the Rapids into the spot Dallas was in, it also puts them back to where they were in ’12 when they waited so long to name Pareja he didn’t get there until after the MLS Combine. Not a good timing for a club or a new head coach. The 2014 combine starts in two weeks. The Rapids could solve the problem by agreeing to a new contract with Pareja, but is that what Oscar really wants?

Not the last part (there's obviously no way we can know that either way) but the part about how the Rapids have no ready-made replacement. Wilmer Cabrera is the obvious answer, and I can't imagine a scenario where Pareja leaves and the Rapids don't immediately promote him to the head job. He understands the philosophy of the team at present, he has some former head coaching work under his belt with the USMNT U-17's and he should seamlessly be able to lead the team into the SuperDraft. To say that Colorado would go into crisis mode with Pareja out of the picture seems unlikely, especially if you're going to argue one paragraph later that Marco Ferruzzi could be Dallas' best option for all the same reasons that Cabrera would be in Colorado's case.

That's a talk for a later date, however. That said, it sounded like it was about to happen last time these rumors came up as well. There are just under two weeks until the SuperDraft. This whole thing is almost guaranteed to go down by the time we've hit that off-season milestone, so strap in. It's going to be an interesting road to the combine unless this thing sorts itself out really, really quickly.