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Rapids Gaffe Makes MLS End-Of-Year List

Steward Ceus'... thing from the opening match against FC Dallas was one of the three worst gaffes in MLS this year. Yay!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you thought that the Rapids were done getting nominations for awards after Dillon Powers' Rookie of the Year announcement? You were wrong, apparently! MLS is currently counting down the best of 2013, and yesterday they tossed out the 'Best Gaffe of the year' post.

Guess what made it in as No. 2 on the list?

Steward Ceus was the Colorado Rapids' go-to man in place of Matt Pickens early this season, but this play against FC Dallas likely made the Rapids coaching staff think twice. Two weeks later, it was Clint Irwin who got the call in place of injured Pickens, and he held onto the starting job the rest of the year. The club cut Ceus after the season.

San Jose's misunderstanding of the rules of the game that led them to giving Vancouver a free 11-on-9 situation was the top of the list, while Chivas USA's Mario De Luna own golazo placed third. I agree with the first guy in the comments, who mentioned Roy Miller's hilarious penalty kick infringement that led to them conceding a goal after the first attempt at the penalty was missed.