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2014 MLS Mock Draft - Soccer By Ives Says Rapids Should Go CB

Kevin Cope, a centerback out of Michigan State, is the latest mock draft pick for the Rapids.

Joe Robbins

The good thing about the upcoming 2014 MLS Draft is that there's really no glaring needs for the Rapids. At the moment, the biggest needs on the team are a backup goalkeeper, a right back to potentially take the place of Marvell Wynne (who himself wasn't all that bad last season) and maybe another forward or two. (Hendry Thomas' potential departure may change that, which is why we've seen so much Jared Watts-to-Rapids mocking lately.) Nothing's all that pressing; the Rapids are probably going to be a good team next year regardless of who they grab in this draft.

With that in mind, there are all sorts of fun possibilities. Soccer By Ives went with more center back depth in their latest mock draft, another potential possibility since Chris Bianchi hinted that Shane O'Neill was thinking of a move back to the midfield in his end-of-season piece. (In fact, if Thomas were to leave, picking up a new CB and moving O'Neill back into his midfield spot would potentially make even more sense than picking Watts if that were true.)

The man in question this time is Kevin Cope, a 6'1'' defender who acted as the Spartans' team captain and helped to lead them to the NCAA Round of Eight after a school-record 14-win season. In the later rounds, they're projected to be taking NC State midfielder Alex Martinez and St. John's GK Rafael Diaz.

Works for me.