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2014 MLS Mock Draft: Jared Watts Still A Colorado Target

It's Jared Watts again, and it still makes a heap of sense for the Rapids with pick No. 11.

Joe Robbins

The season is actually over this time, so MLS doing a 2014 mock draft isn't completely out of the question any more. The draft order is actually set, and some of the big off-season moves seem to be falling into place, so team needs are beginning to become more clear. MLS' second mock-draft of the off-season is out, but not a whole lot has changed over here in Rapidsland.

Like last time around, the MLS mothership has given Wake Forest defensive midfielder Jared Watts to the Rapids with the 11th overall selection. Last time, it made perfect sense considering Colorado's lack of quality depth at the defensive midfield position. This time, it makes even more sense because, as they point out in the post, Hendry Thomas' career in Colorado could potentially come to an unfortunate end soon as contract negotiations continue to lag onward.

Of course, that could be negated by Shane O'Neill moving back into the midfield, which was hinted at in the end-of-season post by Chris Bianchi. We'll set that course once we're within sight of it, though.

Copy-pasting from the last one of these:

Wait a minute, a hard tackling midfielder out of Wake Forest? Where have I heard this tune before?

Anyway, Watts has gotten some praise in his Wake Forest career, being named All-ACC twice and earning a spot on the All-Freshman team as well as the TopDrawerSoccer rookie team in his rookie year of 2010. Considering Oscar Pareja seems to prefer using both Dillon Powers and Nick Labrocca in attacking positions, a guy like Watts sitting behind Hendry Thomas and Nathan Sturgis probably wouldn't hurt the depth.