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Marcelo Balboa Makes USMNT All-Time Best XI

Former Rapids defender Marcelo Balboa was named to the USMNT's All-Time Best XI.

Louisville Courier Journal-USA TODAY Sports

With the Centennial season of US Soccer drawing to a close, they decided to come up with the All-Time best starting XI for the United States. After a few days of suspense between the list of candidates being released and the actual release date, it was revealed that former Rapids defender and USMNT captain Marcelo Balboa was named a member of that eleven.

A few former Rapids had been named to the list of candidates for the honor, but Balboa was the only one on the list that was anywhere close to being a lock for the squad. Pablo Mastroeni, who only recently retired from MLS action and had a fairly well-decorated career in the red, white and blue, was probably our second-best shot at getting some former Rapids blood onto the proverbial USMNT altar. (I'm not good at metaphors.)

Congratulations to our legendary former defender on the honor! Now, to get Chris Klute ready for a dominant career and a spot on the 200th anniversary list when the year 3013 comes around...