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Diego Calderon Returns To Ecuador

After an injury-destroyed 2013, central defender Diego Calderon will not return in 2014.


Diego Calderon, who was one of the most touted signings of the 2012 off-season going into 2013, will not be with the team going into 2014 after agreeing to a contract with his former club, LDU Quito in Ecuador. Calderon started the season as the first-choice center back and held the spot down well until Colorado's 1-0 loss to the LA Galaxy early in the season. Trying to knock a ball off the line, he collided with the goalpost, and the ensuing injury kept him out for the rest of the season. The rise of Shane O'Neill made sure that he wasn't going to get the spot back.

Chris Bianchi was the one to break the news to everyone on twitter, and the Rapids confirmed it through Paul Bravo later in the evening.

In news that probably only matters to me, this pretty much kills off my 'Shane O'Neill to right back' theory. This might also mean that Marvell Wynne, who has been a favorite name thrown around in trade discussions this off-season, may be sticking around after all.