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Rapids Skip Second Round Of MLS Re-Entry Draft

After picking Marc Burch in the first round of the MLS Re-Entry Draft, they chose to skip the second round.

Christian Petersen

The first round of the Re-Entry Draft was uncharacteristically busy, setting up what was sure to be an even busier second round today. Indeed, the second round started off quickly with talents like Fabian Espindola and Dwayne De Rosario getting selected right off the bat. (Chad Barrett got selected as well, but I don't know if he'd quite fit into that category.)

Colorado selected former Sounders left back Marc Burch in the first round of the draft, but elected to skip the second round despite some talented names still on the board. They'll avoid having to do any big contract negotiations this way, avoiding another situation like the one they had with Eric Avila last season. (Avila ended up never signing with the Rapids and his rights were eventually shipped to Chivas USA for Nick Labrocca.) It might also mean that they don't want to get any extra names into the contract negotiation race currently going with some of their other players, including Hendry Thomas.

Onward to the MLS Draft, then. See you guys in mid-January for the 11th overall selection!