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How Much Would Matt Pickens Be Worth In A Trade?

There are a few teams in need of a goalkeeper around MLS right now, and Colorado just happens to have a very reliable veteran 'keeper laying around. How much should Matt Pickens be worth on the trade market?

Bob Levey

With Steward Ceus now out of the picture, the Colorado Rapids have two goalkeepers left. Clint Irwin and Matt Pickens are both worthy starters, but Irwin is 'the guy' of the new regime's, and considering the two of them have fairly similar skill-sets, Pickens' large paycheck seems to have him on the outside looking in.

Leaving aside the question of where a new duo of backup goalkeepers for Irwin will be coming from, it's time to ask just how much Matt Pickens would be worth on the trade market. Both Sporting Kansas City and the New England Revolution are teams in good positions right now, but teams that lost their veteran backstops. Both will be looking to make playoff noise -- in SKC's case, they'll be looking to be the second team in a row to double up on MLS Cups -- and will want to find a new man between the sticks to get them there.

Pickens should be a good trading piece in that regard. He has an MLS Cup ring and plenty of experience in the league. He's not even particularly old as goalkeepers go; at age 31, he'll have at least half a decade of good soccer left in him if he stays healthy.

Ben and I were discussing this on Facebook yesterday, and it's an interesting question. We ended up agreeing that since the Rapids seem desperate for money to help them sign guys like Martin Rivero, the Rapids (and we) would probably be happy with a trade bringing Kansas City's 19th overall selection in the SuperDraft and a large chunk of allocation money to Colorado in exchange for Pickens.

What's the bare minimum you would take for Pickens' services?