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Ten Keys To 2013 Review - No. 6: Left Backs

Hello there, Chris Klute. We've been waiting for you for oh so long.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

This week, we're going to be taking a look back at the Ten Keys to 2013 series I put out prior to the season. Number 6 was the left backs.

Quick, name the last time that the Rapids had a player that people were clamoring to get onto the US Men's National team. No, people weren't clamoring to get Conor Casey on, don't be silly. It's been a while, that's the point. Well, we've got one now, and he's starting to get national attention.

Had you told any of us during preseason that we would have the best left back in MLS playing for us by the summer, we probably would have responded with a slap and a whiskey order. Turns out that Eric Wynalda might not have been wholly wrong when he called Chris Klute 'the next Eddie Pope', though. He was so good, so consistently this season that he's almost guaranteed to get a look by Jurgen Klinsmann before Brazil, though actually going to Brazil is probably a long-shot for the kid. But hey, if Robbie Findley can do it, right?

If Klute can play even at the same level he played this year, let alone better, the Rapids have their starting left back situation sorted like we never could have dreamed of last February.

(As an aside, how weird is what happened to Anthony Wallace? Went from a starting left back on one of the more stout defenses in the league to a back-up left midfielder.)