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Ten Keys To 2013 Review - No. 7: Diego Calderon

Well, turns out he wasn't all that much of a key to the season after all. No complaints!


This week, we're going to be taking a look back at the Ten Keys to 2013 series I put out prior to the season. Number 7 was Diego Calderon.

Man, I really wasn't expecting this team to be all that good. Turns out that Diego Calderon, as great a signing as he was, didn't end up mattering much at all when it came down to it. In fact, the Rapids had already lost him to injury before they managed to get their first win of the season.

Though, one could argue that Calderon's injury against the LA Galaxy actually WAS one of the biggest keys to the season simply because it was the catalyst that got Shane O'Neill into a starting center back role full-time for the Rapids. Obviously, we all know just how swimmingly that went for everyone involved.

...Yeah. Let's move on to the next one of these, then!