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MLS Waiver Draft - Probably Nothing To See Here

The Waiver Draft is today! Yeah, I don't know either.

Christian Petersen

Did you realize that there's a draft before the season even ends? Yep, even though the MLS Cup isn't coming around until December 7th, we've got the MLS Waiver Draft to worry about today. Or not worry about. Yeah, not worrying about it is probably the way to go.

The Waiver Draft is similar to the Re-Entry Draft, which will come after the MLS Cup, but is clearly the less important of the two since it lacks its own Wikipedia page. Cole Grossman (he of three appearances for Real Salt Lake this season) was the only player taken in last season's draft, and it seems unlikely that there's going to be a spike in activity this year.

I've no idea what players are even available -- it's the ones that aren't eligible for the Re-Entry Draft, which itself has several rules to enter -- but it probably isn't going to matter. Yeah.