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2014 MLS Mock Draft: First Mock Draft Of The Off-Season Brings Jared Watts To Colorado

Jared Watts is the Rapids' target in the wonderfully early Mock Draft on the mothership.

Joe Robbins

Well, we had our first SuperDraft-related post of the season a bit earlier today, so why not have the second SuperDraft-related post right after that? It's way too early to start having mock drafts (the season isn't even over yet for the pros or the kids!) but that didn't stop the mothership at from putting out a ridiculously early one.

In their mock, they have the Rapids selecting hard-tackling senior Jared Watts out of Wake Forest with their 11th overall selection.

Watts is tall, hard-working and, more importantly for a defensive midfielder, hard-tackling. For a team that wants to learn how to win ugly and doesn't want to run Hendry Thomas into the ground again, it’s an ideal pick.

Wait a minute, a hard tackling midfielder out of Wake Forest? Where have I heard this tune before?

Anyway, Watts has gotten some praise in his Wake Forest career, being named All-ACC twice and earning a spot on the All-Freshman team as well as the TopDrawerSoccer rookie team in his rookie year of 2010. Considering Oscar Pareja seems to prefer using both Dillon Powers and Nick Labrocca in attacking positions, a guy like Watts sitting behind Hendry Thomas and Nathan Sturgis probably wouldn't hurt the depth.

Fortunately, we've still got two months to watch that pick completely switch around!