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Ten Keys To 2013 Review - No. 2: Center Forwards

Until Gaby Torres showed up, the center forward pickings were a bit scarce. Of course, compared with the Edu/Omar Cummings/Broken Conor Casey experiments that we saw in 2012, the spot may as well have been manned by Lionel Messi.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we're going to be taking a look back at the Ten Keys to 2013 series I put out prior to the season. Number 2 was center forwards.

Deshorn Brown, Edson Buddle and Atiba Harris all played center forward in 2013 before Gabriel Torres showed up and made the spot his own. Now, you may be thinking that the CF play wasn't all that bad in that case. They scored 20 goals between them, after all! That's well over one every two games from that position!

Hold on, though. WhoScored actually tracks goals scored by position. Brown played 11 appearances at CF, and scored only two of his 10 goals from there. Harris only played the spot three times, and didn't score once. (Obviously, all of Buddle's goals came from center forward because it's the only position he can play!) Also, Danny Mwanga apparently played one of his appearances at center forward but hahaha Danny Mwanga.

So, that's only seven of those 20 goals that came from the center forward spot. That's decidedly not as good as 20 goals in 34 matches. Fortunately, Gaby Torres came in and scored three goals from that spot in the latter stage of the season.

In related news, I'm not at all worried about this position going into 2014, assuming that Torres is able to stay healthy. Compared to Omar Cummings playing 1000 minutes at center forward, I'm perfectly content with even a repeat of this year, actually.