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FC Dallas Reportedly Crushing On Oscar Pareja

Now that we're out of the playoffs, it's high time we talk about the interest that FC Dallas are showing towards Oscar Pareja.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Though he's certainly taken his lumps (specifically, a lump or six in that Sounders match) in his two-year tenure as Rapids manager, it's hard to argue that Oscar Pareja and his team haven't taken a good number of steps forward. Pareja has evolved as a manager, built a team that made the playoffs a year before they were supposed to and have about 10 players that are set to get even better as they escape their youths and hit their primes.

2014's gonna be a good year. But wait... what's that you say? There's a wrinkle in this story, and it's coming from the Lonestar State. FC Dallas, who Pareja played the majority of his MLS minutes with and who he coached with until the Rapids came to call in 2012, are reportedly talking about bringing Pareja back into their fold.

It's pretty certain that the Hoops are going to have to pay out the ass for Pareja if they want him back in Dallas. Colorado's front office absolutely loves him, the fans have started to warm up to him now and he's got a team that he built in Colorado now. In addition, he doesn't strike me as the type to leave a job half-finished. There's absolutely nothing that is pointing to a likely return to Dallas for our gaffer. In the end, I don't think it's particularly likely.

Still, it's something to watch.