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Colorado Rapids Can Clinch A Playoff Spot On Wednesday

The Rapids can complete the turnaround from crap season to super season on Wednesday if they can beat the Quakes and get one other result around the league.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

At this point, the Rapids are still essentially in control of their playoff destiny thanks to two games against the Vancouver Whitecaps coming up, but they can punch their ticket a couple of games earlier than expected if they can knock out the sixth-placed San Jose Earthquakes on Wednesday. A win over the Quakes would leave them mathematically unable to catch up to the Rapids in the standings, with FC Dallas and the Caps dwindling behind as well.

One other result needs to go our way as well; we're going to have to root for Seattle to knock out the Whitecaps in their Wednesday game. (This would also serve the secondary purpose of putting them back in the driver's seat for the Shield ahead of Real Salt Lake, so I suppose it wouldn't be all bad.)

Since the Rapids will get yet another lovely off-week in-between their game against the Quakes and the first of their two games against the Whitecaps, it wouldn't hurt our nerves to know that there will be games in November for us after the Quakes game.