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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - Man Of The Match

Well, this should be... interesting.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I know. That game was crap from start to finish, but we're still going to try our hardest to come out with a Man of the Match. (I'd do a Goat of the Match, but that would probably just turn into a 150-word long post of me screaming various curse words.)

Here's a couple of candidates, though nobody was exactly stellar:

Clint Irwin - Had a few big saves early... again. Was let down by his defense... again. Even did some work for himself outside of his box, making a stop on Dempsey (no, it shouldn't have been a yellow card) and generally not having an awful game. Not having an awful game counts as having a good one in a game that bad.

Vicente Sanchez - His introduction completely changed the game, as we all knew it would. His first two touches were instantly the best two touches that the Rapids saw the entire game.

Yeah, I got nothing. Vote!