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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - Game Thread

The first game thread on Burgundy Wave since 2011, get in!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

We haven't done a game thread on Burgundy Wave in ages. They're standard practice on SB Nation, but back in 2010 when the blog started there wasn't really anything resembling a community to chat about in the game threads, and so I stopped doing them in 2011 after realizing that making an empty game thread for every single match was not only boring, but looked really, really sad as well.

Well, this is the playoffs and I'm feeling frisky. Let's get this thing started.

Colorado Rapids (14-11-9) vs. Seattle Sounders (15-12-7)
Referee: Silviu Petrescu
Regular Season Head2Head: 1-1-1

Rapids Lineup: Irwin; O'Neill, Moor, Mera, Klute; Sturgis, Thomas, Rivero; Harris, Brown, Torres

Sounders Lineup: Gspurning, Yedlin, Hurtado, Traore, Gonzalez, Evans, Alonso, Moffat, Dempsey, Johnson, Neagle

It's win or go home. Go Rapids!