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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - NBC To Air Playoff Match

NBCSN will air the playoff match between the Rapids and Sounders.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Good news! Originally it looked like the big playoff match between the Colorado Rapids and the Seattle Sounders was going to be eschewed on the national TV circuit (which would have been immensely confusing given how much MLS loves to show Seattle's crowds on that stage) because the MLSSoccer preview read that it was to be shown on MLS Live.

Fortunately, it looks like things have been swapped around, and the Rapids-Sounders match will indeed be shown on NBC Sports Network on Wednesday evening. If you're in Colorado or Seattle, the match will be shown on the usual local networks. (Altitude 2 for the Colorado folk.)

I don't think I need to remind you what happened the last time that the Rapids were on National TV against the Sounders. (I do not expect this to happen again.)

This is awesome for pretty much everyone but me, since I don't own a TV and was expecting to watch the match on Live. Sadly, everything closes in St. Petersburg by 10:00 pm and I'm gonna have to go to Buffalo Wild Wings or something to watch a 10:30 start. Pray for me! (I'm joking.)