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Colorado Rapids vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - Game Preview

Colorado and Vancouver will face off on Sunday in the final regular season match for both clubs.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

It's the grand finale of the regular season! Playoff spots have been decided now in the West, with the Rapids among the chosen few, but there are still seedings to be decided. A win for the Rapids over the Whitecaps in Canada will help to determine whether or not they avoid the dreaded play-in game. (Of course, a win in that situation would also leave the Rapids in a situation where they may have to take on arch-rivals Real Salt Lake instead.)

We could talk about what happened the last time these two teams met, but I'm sure it's still fresh in everyone's mind. Two Gabriel Torres goals and a pretty, pretty chip from Deshorn Brown provided the playoffs for the Rapids, though the spot took until yesterday to clinch because of a minor wrinkle in the system that would have given San Jose a shot at a playoff berth with a 13-goal victory. (They didn't score 13 goals.)

This match promises to be interesting, with a few majorly important Rapids (Vicente Sanchez and Dillon Powers) likely to be kept off the field against a Caps team that will be trying to impress their head coach with, essentially, nothing on the line but a few roster spots for next season.