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Colorado Rapids Clinch Playoff Berth In 2013 MLS Playoffs

After the Quakes failed to score goals in the double digits tonight, the Rapids clinched a spot in the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

I'll be completely honest with you guys right now. I'm going to a Halloween party tonight and I won't be at home when the game between the San Jose Earthquakes and FC Dallas ends, but I think I've earned enough confidence to put this post up a bit ahead of time.

And what a turnaround this season has turned out to be! Regardless of the Whitecaps result tomorrow, the Rapids have set records in a few areas and have clinched their first playoff spot under Oscar Pareja. There are a few people suggesting that the Rapids might be a trap team as well, but that's a bridge we'll cross when we run into it. We'll find out our exact seeding tomorrow, as well.

Anyway, if the Quakes score 13 goals somehow and this post is outdated, I'll take it down tomorrow after the hangover wears off. Something tells me I'll be fine, though.