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Charles Eloundou Is Coming! Charles Eloundou Is Coming!

The strange saga of the Colorado Rapids pursuit of Charles Eloundo came to a merciful end suddenly on Wednesday night when the team announced he had landed in Denver.

Stuart Franklin

The allure of Charles Eloundou has tantalized the Colorado Rapids ever since the squad landed his rights in a January 25 lottery. It would have been nice to have the highly-touted 18-year-old Cameroonian early in the season when most of the top Rapids players were spending most of their time on the mend from various injuries.

But Eloundou got swept up in a nasty nest of red tape and other unexplainable circumstances and never appeared in a Rapids jersey this year.

All seemed lost until last night when the Rapids posted an announcement that Eloundou had arrived in Denver on Wednesday and would go meet the team the following day.

Eloundou can't play for the Rapids this year but is expected to figure into the team's lineup in 2014.

Eloundou has made appearances for Cameroon's U-20 national team, proving himself as an effective goal scorer with eight goals in seven matches during the U-20 African Nation's qualifying round, according to the Rapids. Those performances led to a few minor showings for the African country's national squad.