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The Legend May Now Begin: Charles Eloundou Is Here

So, that's a thing.

Jamie McDonald

Imagine, if you will, a lovely Wednesday night for me. I get home from work, ready to sit back and relax, occasionally checking twitter for whatever the hell happens to be going on. (World Series apparently started tonight, meh.) Burgundy Wave was pretty much the last thing on my mind, since most of the time, because of the time zone change, the Daily Waves to edit aren't in until the morning. So imagine my surprise when this pops up on the twitterbox.

Yeah, so that's a thing. The legendary creature has not only been spotted, but reportedly has been captured and is awaiting research in the lab. The legend may now begin!

Either that, or this is the greatest troll in the history of the franchise. I'm going to stick with the latter until I actually meet the man myself and make sure it's not a hologram.