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Should Colorado Play Or Sit Dillon Powers Against Vancouver?

Colorado is all but into the playoff picture at this point, but there are still seeding implications to be had. With that in mind, should Colorado save Dillon Powers for the playoffs or send him out Sunday?


Head injuries are serious business. We saw that during the Pablo Mastroeni concussion fiasco that spanned from the 2011 playoffs all the way until the start of 2013. When Dillon Powers went down with a head injury, even though it wasn't the most serious-looking one in the world, it was a concern for that reason.

Let's assume that Powers is coming into this weekend feeling ready to play after missing a couple of games with that injury. It's going to be interesting if that scenario comes, because Oscar Pareja will have a big choice to make. Colorado have essentially made the playoffs at this point, with only a couple of minor miracles able to keep them out, but there are seeding implications at hand. If the Rapids can beat Vancouver, they can theoretically end up at the top of the Western Conference. (This will not happen, it requires Chivas USA to win games against RSL and Portland, but it's still a possibility!) With seeding on the line, the best line-up possible being on the field wouldn't hurt. (I consider the best possible Rapids lineup to be exactly what we saw against the Caps last game, but with Powers in for Nick Labrocca.)

On the other hand, there's always a chance that he could re-hurt himself (like Pablo did in 2012 coming back from a terrible concussion and getting knocked only two games into the season) and end up out for the playoffs altogether. Tempting fate by starting him in what could turn out to be a meaningless game may end up being foolhardy.

So I ask you: assuming he is ready, willing and able to get out on the field for the Rapids on Sunday, should the Rapids use Powers?


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