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I'm Still #TeamDillon

Deshorn Brown has double digits in the G column, but I still feel that Dillon Powers deserves the nod for Rookie of the Year, if a Rapid is to win it.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I was on an airplane for almost the entirety of yesterday and did not get a chance at any point to write my Monday Daily Wave post. Here's the post I had planned, just a day late!

"I can't remember the last time I saw a rookie score 10 goals. That's your rookie of the year, right there". That was uttered by Marcelo Balboa during the Altitude commentary of the supremely entertaining 3-2 win over the Vancouver Whitecaps. Specifically, it came on the heels of Deshorn Brown's fantastic Goal of the Week candidate.

I'm still sticking with my guns on this one though: if a Rapids player is going to win Rookie of the Year this year, it should be Dillon Powers. Barring Brown breaking the rookie scoring record (he would need a brace in the final match, so it's certainly not out of his reach), which would probably be enough to sap all the votes his way, I feel that Powers deserves it more.

Why? Because Dillon has been far more consistent throughout the year. Deshorn's two-goal match against the Sounders was possibly the best performance by either of them all year, but Deshorn also had one of the worst performances of any Rapid this year against Chivas USA. When Deshorn has been hot, he's been hot. But the times when Deshorn has been cold are numerous, as well.

I'm not a particularly huge fan of WhoScored and their mystery ranking system, but they bear this out. Brown has had success a few times playing as a wide forward, but he was used as a center forward for most of the year and was rather mediocre. In the games that he didn't score between the first Caps game of the year and the Sounders smashing, he couldn't scrape a rating higher than 6.4 -- a cold spell. Compare that with Powers, who has been an absolute ace in the position he's played in the most this season, attacking central midfielder. (We'll ignore the fact that WhoScored says that Brown has 'no significant strengths'.)

Does that mean that if Deshorn spent the entire season as a wide forward instead of as a center forward, he would have been much better off? That's not for me to decide, all we have is what we can see in front of us right now. So, even with him missing a few games to end the season off, I'm #TeamDillon all the way.