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Colorado Rapids vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - Man Of The Match Vote

I'm pretty sure Gaby Torres is going to win this, but let's make the post anyway!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

All right, this is probably just a technicality but we're going to do it anyway! Who was the best man on the pitch against the Vancouver Whitecaps during that thrilling 3-2 win on Saturday night? Here's three guys who I can think of as candidates...

Gabriel Torres: The obvious choice. Might have scored the nicest goal of the year for the Rapids and looked cool and collected when taking the penalty that tied up the match in the first half.

Deshorn Brown: Was a pest as usual all evening long, could have easily ended the night with more goals than he did. Fortunately for him, the one that he did score was a super finish, which also made Goal of the Week. (Vote for these guys, by the way!)

Hendry Thomas: Unsung hero of this game. Though the back four had a few blips during the match, Thomas kept the midfield clean all match long. Missed only seven passes, two of which were head passes and one of which was a chip attempt.

My vote can be found below: