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Colorado Rapids Not Mathematically Into The Playoffs, But It'll Be Hard To Keep 'Em Out

Barring some really weird stuff happening, the Rapids are pretty much locked into a playoff spot.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

We said a while back that winning both remaining home matches (they did, 5-1 over Seattle and 3-2 over the Whitecaps) would probably be enough all on its own for a playoff spot. It looks like we're going to end up being right. Though the mathematics are technically not 100% on the side of the Rapids quite yet, it would take an absolute miracle (for another team) for the Rapids to not clinch a berth this weekend.

Essentially, the Rapids would have to lose to Vancouver while the San Jose Earthquakes would not just have to beat FC Dallas, but beat them by 13 goals. So yeah, we're pretty much in barring some really weird stuff.

The crazy thing is that theoretically, with a win over the Whitecaps again on Saturday and a few other results falling in Colorado's favor before the end of the season -- mostly results that involve Chivas USA evolving into beasts and taking down both Portland and Salt Lake -- the Rapids could end up with the top spot in the West. The Shield race is mathematically out for us, but that's still a hell of a finish that we could pull out here.

For now, let's just all hope that San Jose doesn't have the greatest game in the history of Major League Soccer and celebrate our likely spot in the second season.