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The Rapids (Kinda, Technically, Unofficially) Have A Record-Breaking Defense

If not for the 34-game season format, the 2013 Rapids would have, statistically, the best defense in the team's history.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the toughest assignments of the year is coming up for the Colorado Rapids defense. The Vancouver Whitecaps already have Camilo, who has scored goals for fun this year, but they also now have a blisteringly in-form Kekuta Manneh to deal with. It's going to be really tough to hold Vancouver to another shutout like they did last time the two teams met.

Fortunately, we have the best back line we've ever seen in Colorado taking them on. Why am I saying that? Because this, with a different season set-up, would have been statistically the best defense in Rapids history. Gary Smith's cup-winning 2010 side currently holds that record, tied with Tim Hankenson's 2004 team that prefaced the very good duo of teams that started the Clavijo years.

Both of those teams allowed only 32 goals, while this current squad has allowed 33. However, both the 2004 and 2010 seasons were both only 30 games long. We're 32 games in, and the team allowed a single goal in both of their previous games, so they were sitting at 31 goals allowed at the 30-game mark. A record that will be marked down? Nope. A record that shows how good this defense really has been this year? Let's just keep it in mind in that regard.

Funny enough, the three leakiest defensive seasons in Rapids history were all in the late 90's, when there were only 32 games. Assuming they don't give up more than a few goals against the Caps to end the season, they'll finish with less than half of the goals allowed than the horrendous 1998 team did, despite playing two more games! (For anyone who missed late 90's MLS and doesn't know just how hilarious it was, that Rapids team gave up 69 goals but made it into the postseason anyway, giving up two more goals to the eventual MLS Cup-winning Chicago Fire to end with a whopping 71 against.)