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Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes - Player Ratings

In an anemic offensive display that featured zero shots on goal, Colorado Rapids drop a crucial three points to San Jose Earthquakes.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

In a shockingly predictable result, Colorado Rapids dropped a critical game to San Jose Earthquakes 1-0. The Rapids came out flat and were rightly punished for it with a lethargic and disappointing display. Instead of inching closer and closer to a playoff spot, the Rapids now have no margin for error in their quest to return to the postseason for the first time since 2011.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 8

Without Irwin this match would have been completely out of control. Made 5 saves and while giving up one goal, he was huge again in goal.

Chris Klute 7

Another solid game from Klute and he was very active up and down the left side of the field.

Shane O'Neill 6

Got out muscled on the goal for the Earthquakes and needs to be larger in the box than that. Left Irwin out to dry on it.

Drew Moor 6.5

Made several critical saves off the line that could have led to a much larger score line. But as the Captain his job is to get the boys ready to play. For some reason, they were not.

Marvell Wynne 7

Wynne was good on the right side of the field, but was not able to get forward often enough as the Rapids were unable to possess the ball.

Nathan Sturgis 5

Sturgis had trouble dealing with the physicality of the Quakes on the night, and this was reflective when looking at the overall possession for the match. As a holding midfielder, he needs to be more active on and off the ball, but like most of the team, something was off.

Hendry Thomas 5

Rarely does Thomas get out-muscled in a game, but he did against the Earthquakes. You would think this would have been a match where he would have thrived.

Vicente Sanchez 5

Sanchez was very active on the night, but when the team does not register a shot on goal, something was not working in the final third of the field.

Martin Rivero 4.5

Rivero strikes me as a rhythm player who gets better with constant playing time, but in his most significant minutes since his injury, he was largely ineffective.

Atiba Harris 4

Harris is a physical player, and it made sense to start him, but there seemed to be no offensive push from him and in a game this critical, you need veterans like Harris to step up.

Edson Buddle 5

It is difficult to get excited about a forward's presence on the pitch when he registers ZERO shots on goal. But as the entire team registered ZERO shots on goal I am left to wonder what the hell happened out there.


Jamie Castrillon 5

Came on for Harris in the second half with the score still level. He has had a habit of hitting clutch goals, and one of them would have been nice against the Quakes

Danny Mwanga 4

Mwanga looked lost out there and perhaps that not playing for a while is a reason, but when you are a forward and we need a goal to tie, this kind of performance is not acceptable.

Nick LaBrocca N/A

Late game appearance for LaBrocca, but if you are down a goal, is he your best choice to throw out there?