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Hello 86 Forever, I Believe You Requested Proof That You Were Wrong?

I seem to recall being asked to 'Prove us wrong' by 86 Forever. Inquire within!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Last time the Rapids played the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Gabriel Torres signing was still in its infancy and, predictably, he didn't have the best of games in his debut. At Altitude, Torres' touches were heavy, his shots were slow to materialize, and though the Rapids won 2-0, there was little out of the new DP on the pitch.

Naturally, our lovely Whitecaps blog 86 Forever decided to throw out a bit of banter our way to mask the pain of the 2-0 loss and the subsequent playoff slide that they could surely see coming:

Luckily for the Danish 'keeper, even a blind, concussed sloth would've stopped the next scoring chance for Colorado. Torres, having broken in on a clean two-on-one, had time, space and the goalkeeper at his mercy. One heavy touch later - not even a shot, mind you - Ousted had claimed the ball and Torres looked less like a Gold Cup scoring threat and more like another Designated Player with horrible finishing woes whose name lives on in infamy in Vancouver. (That's right; after one match, I'm already calling Torres the "Colorado Jarju". Prove me wrong, Burgundy Wave.)

Well, I feel that it's worth responding at this point. He's probably not actually going to be playing this match because of the Gold Cup matches that Panama will be holding him in for, but... Did Jarju ever do this?

Probably worth noting that he had an assist that game as well. See you on the 19th! :)