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Long-Time Commenter, First-Time Writer

Burgundy Wave's empire now stretches to Kansas City. I'm Steve, and I'm your new writer.

I was in the crowd just off frame to the right of this photo.
I was in the crowd just off frame to the right of this photo.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

I ended up in the Kansas City area some time in 2000 after having lived my first 18 years of life in Denver. Even though my arrival in Kansas City preceded the Wizards reaching and winning the MLS Cup (and dispatching the Rapids along the way), there was virtually no buzz around these parts for the team.

As such, I never went to games because I couldn't find anyone who would go. Nobody went to see the Wizards, much less talk about them.

Then a few years ago, I met the person who would later become my wife. Her and her family had been going to Wizards games since the days they played in the cavernous Arrowhead Stadium. So I started going to games with her when they played in the outfield of a minor league baseball stadium. It was nice to kind of reconnect with the MLS and get back to following it closely. I still remember my first game with her, which was against the Rapids, who were sporting their light blue kits. There were a ton of Rapids fans at that game.

Now that the Wizards became Sporting Kansas City and they moved into a slick new stadium, the city is full of new soccer fans, who like any converts are now suddenly a bunch of proselytizers. For a few years, they glommed on to this notion that there was no support for the Rapids in Colorado and those who knew I followed the Rapids would mock me about it.

Nowadays, the locals here seem to have softened their edge some regarding the Rapids, seeing how the team has had a better-than-expected season and fan support has coalesced around Centennial 38.

Like I told UZ when I hit him up to become a contributor for the Burgundy Wave, I watch every Rapids game on MLS Live and usually make it back to Commerce City for at least a game a year. I also have season tickets to SKC, not because I'm a fan of that particular team but because I enjoy soccer and like following MLS. I make a living writing for a newspaper here that's the equivalent of Westword in Denver, so hopefully can weave a working knowledge of MLS and my interest in writing in order to craft some coherent content here.

Anyway, I'm grateful to UZ for giving me the Thursday slot for Daily Wave entries. Please flog me in the comments when I deserve it. Hit me up at with suggestions, ideas, tips, ect.