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Rumor: Colorado Rapids Looking At Ipswich Town MF/D Carlos Edwards

Carlos Edwards is a transfer target for the Colorado Rapids, according to some twitter rumor-milling.

Mark Wieland

@MLS_Transfers on twitter hasn't exactly shown itself to be a 100% accurate source for rumors and such, but the folks that run it did throw out an interesting one on Tuesday evening. They linked the Rapids to Ipswich Town's Carlos Edwards, a 34-year-old Trinidad & Tobago international.

Edwards is a very experienced player, getting minutes with Sunderland in the Premier League after helping them clinch a spot in the highest level of English football. He has also played with teams like Wrexham and Wolves in the English league system, and he also boasts 78 caps with the T&T national team on his resume.

I'm not sure that the signing would fit the mold of what Oscar Pareja has been looking for this off-season -- the Rapids have made it very clear that they are seeking good, young talent to stick into the system, and a 34-year-old doesn't quite fit that.

Edwards is also a right back, an area of the team that may already have two veterans battling for it if Marvell Wynne and Brian Mullan are both given a shot at the position. (He plays right wing as well, but a true right wing doesn't exist in Colorado's 4-3-3 and I don't see him cutting it as an outside striker.) If Edwards would do anything, it would just push Davy Armstrong further out of the picture, and that probably isn't a great idea considering Armstrong's struggles in the past to get anything remotely resembling first team minutes.

Still, Edwards would make sense if only from the 'they should know about him' angle -- according to @MLS_Transfers, the Rapids were looking at him during their trip to Derby County. We'll see if anything further ever develops.