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2013 MLS Draft Possibilities: Walker Zimmerman, Defender, Furman

Walker Zimmerman is one of those guys who might not even fall down to where the Rapids are picking at No. 6, but we have to cover him anyway because he might be the best man for the job if the Rapids were able to pluck out anyone they wanted, their pick or not.

Zimmerman is a big 6'3'' center back who can not only stop other teams from scoring at the back, but knock in a goal or two on his own. That's a player archetype that the Rapids have been lacking since they lost Julien Baudet after the 2010 season, and it's a player that they have very much needed since Baudet flew the coop.

The fact that he is on a Generation Adidas contract makes him an even more attractive candidate to go to Colorado.

If Zimmerman comes in, he might have the talent to be the next Austin Berry -- in other words, I think that he could probably start right away. Check out this back four:

Marvell Wynne - Drew Moor - Walker Zimmerman - Diego Calderon

Now that's not bad. But will Zimmerman fall to No. 6? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.