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Marvell Wynne Officially Re-Signs With Rapids

The new contract that Marvell Wynne signed right before the Re-Entry Draft was finally made official on Tuesday.

Bart Young

The list of moves that we already knew had happened some time last month but are just getting confirmed now has a new bullet point on it, as the Colorado Rapids announced on Tuesday that Marvell Wynne's re-signing had finally been made official.

Wynne was caught in a bit of a pinch as his contract option got declined right around the time of the Re-Entry Draft, but the team insisted on keeping him around. Eventually, the two teams were able to get a new contract done at zero hour right before the second round of the RED went live. (We're still waiting on what is going on with the Jamie Smith situation that is still holding over from that time.)

I'm expecting Wynne to be a big part of the team as usual next year, though at his original position of right back instead of the speedy center back spot he had held the past few seasons. The real question is, will he keep that mini-afro looking hairdo he was rocking last year?