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Kevin Harbottle Deal Reportedly Close To Completion

The Colorado Rapids are reportedly close to signing 22-year-old Chilean midfielder Kevin Harbottle.

A few weeks ago, the Colorado Rapids were linked with a kid out of Chile named Kevin Harbottle. It looks like a deal might be just about done to bring the young Chilean to Colorado, according to Chris Bianchi. From what Bianchi said, the only thing keeping the deal from completion is the paperwork. (Considering how quickly MLS got the Diego Calderon deal through after we first heard of it, I assume we'll finally see the deal get done some time next August.)

To quote myself from our original article on this:

The 22-year-old has spent his career bouncing around the Chilean league, most recently ending up with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica. He's something of a rising star in Chile, with an appearance on the Chilean National Team already under his belt.

In Colorado, Harbottle is likely to be given the keys to one of the outside striker positions, seeing as he has naturally always played on the wing. That means that despite being called a midfielder on paper, he probably will be battling with guys like Tony Cascio and Atiba Harris for playing time, not guys like Jaime Castrillon and Martin Rivero.

The Harbottle pick-up might also signal that the Rapids aren't planning on going for an outside guy like DeShorn Brown in the MLS Draft.

Here's the video I found of Harbottle a while ago: