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MLS Draft Possibilities: Jose Gomez, Midfielder, Creighton

Nobody seems to be quite sure where exactly Jose Gomez is going to go in the 2013 MLS Draft. The kid is most certainly a special talent in the midfield, and could be another creative force for the Colorado Rapids, but he was a bit flat in the College Cup as his Blue Jays lost in the semi-final. A bad combine could end up sinking him to the bottom of the first round, but there's plenty of chance that he'll be on the radar at No. 6.

Gomez has been a perennial MVP candidate for the always strong Blue Jays, and is tabbed as a Martin Rivero type player. That is to say, a creative engine in the midfield who will have the ball often and make things happen on the offense. He put together six goals and nine assists this year in 24 appearances.

Does Colorado need a Gomez type player? It's hard to say. If they sign Eric Avila (which they might have by the time this gets posted, who knows?) they will have the back-up to Rivero that they were lacking last season. Jaime Castrillon would have to be either benched or moved into a less comfortable position on the field if Gomez and Rivero were going to play together, so that might not work either.

It's going to depend on how much Oscar Pareja thinks he's going to need that depth on the attacking side of the ball, in the end. Or if Oscar Pareja just thinks that Gomez is too good a prospect to let slide. Perhaps Gomez can be turned into an outside striker type?