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Denver, Salt Lake City, Kansas City All In Contention For Hex Hosting

Originally, the rumor we were hearing was that Dick's Sporting Goods Park would be hosting the Hex match between the United States Men's National Team and Costa Rica on March 22nd. After that, we heard that it was actually going to be between Colorado and Salt Lake, a two horse race.

Now the pot seems to have gotten even bigger, with Grant Wahl reporting yesterday that, in fact, we were looking at a three horse race between Colorado, Salt Lake and Kansas City. KC hosted a World Cup Qualifier recently, with LIVESTRONG Sporting Park being lauded as one of the best venues in the United States after the USMNT won and clinched their spot in the Hex. (The attendance being forcibly low thanks to CONCACAF rules was really the only downside.)

With that in mind, if it's a three horse race, we might be in trouble because they pretty clearly loved KC as a hosting venue, to the point where people were legitimately discussing whether or not to turn LSP into our Estadio Azteca in the future.

Chris Bianchi said that he had heard it was still only down to Colorado and Salt Lake, but MLS has a poll up asking fans which city they'd rather see host so I'm inclined to believe that KC really is in contention.