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Hendry Thomas Re-Signing Made Official

We've known since December, but the Rapids made Hendry Thomas' new contract official on Monday.

Doug Pensinger

Chalk this up in the 'well we already knew that one' category, but the Colorado Rapids made the re-signing of Hendry Thomas official on Monday with a team announcement.

Thomas played eight games with the Rapids last season and immediately injected the team with a new sense of defensive mettle and a great passing game, two things that the team struggled mightily with all season long. His credentials remain impressive, with World Cup appearances for his native Honduras as well as a handful of seasons with Wigan of the English Premier League, a team that he helped keep up despite all odds. (Anyone who follows the EPL knows that 'despite all odds' sums up Wigan pretty well.)

Of course, the terms of the deal were not disclosed because MLS is, and will always be, clownshoes. Still, it's always nice to be reminded that one of the best players on the team will be coming back for more.