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MLS Draft Possibilities: Eriq Zavaleta, Forward, Indiana

Edit: It was just announced that Zavaleta will indeed be a Generation Adidas member.

If the Rapids are looking for their center forward of the future, Eriq Zavaleta could be the way they look come draft day, though his actual status in the draft is a bit unclear at the moment. Though he only just finished his sophomore year, he proved himself to be a powerhouse forward for the Hoosiers during their National Title-winning season in 2012.

Zavaleta is big, strong and put the ball in the back of the net seemingly at will last year. 18 goals and four assists for a National Title contender certainly is nothing to sneeze at.

The biggest problem with thinking that Zavaleta might go high in the draft is that he is still possibly an unfinished product. He's barely scraping 21 years old and is probably still transitioning from his old position of center back into a full-fledged forward. As of this writing, he also hasn't signed a Generation Adidas contract, though he's rumored to be getting one. Teams will have to pay for him even if they think he'll require a year off to figure his game out at the big league level if he doesn't.

Still, the potential is there and the Rapids could use someone with his skills. And hey, if he doesn't end up working out at the forward position, there's always the possibility to move him back to center back. That's like getting two prospects for the price of one!