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Breaking: Martin Rivero Out for 2-3 Months with Fractured Foot

Per a breaking news release from Colorado Rapids Media Relations: Martin Rivero is out for 2-3 Months with a fractured foot.

The last time we will see Martin in action for quite some time.
The last time we will see Martin in action for quite some time.

It wasn't the worst thing to ever happen in a preseason exhibition match, but it certainly isn't good. The Rapids Media Relations team released an article on the Rapids' website as pertaining to the condition of Rapids' playmaker Martin Rivero.

From the Rapids' statement:

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (Wednesday, January 30, 2013) - Colorado Rapids midfielder Martín Rivero is expected to miss 2-3 months while recovering from a fracture in his right foot suffered in Tuesday's preseason match against the Portland Timbers. Rivero will return to Denver today to receive further evaluation on the injury.

According to this timetable, Rivero stands to miss the first games of the season and may potentially not make a full return until May. This means that he will miss a set of fixtures heavy with Western Conference opposition and, perhaps most devastating, he could miss the first two games of the Rocky Mountain Cup derby.

Further updates as soon as we know them, analysis of what this means for the Rapids now and our speculation as to how the Rapids may adjust tactically to this unwelcome news coming soon.

For now, we at Burgundy Wave wish Martin a speedy recovery!