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Colorado Rapids Trialists: Rising & Falling Stocks Against Portland

Which of the unsigned players who played against Portland raised their stocks? Who lowered their stock?

Christian Petersen

The Colorado Rapids brought a couple of unsigned players with them into Arizona for the Desert Friendlies, and several of them saw the field against the Portland Timbers on Tuesday.

Fortunately, despite the result on the field, only one of the unsigned guys didn't do much of anything during the game.


Jimmy Maurer: I think we covered everything we needed to on Maurer yesterday. Probably the most impressive guy on the field yesterday in a second half full of pretty solid performances. He stopped some ridiculous shots and made it look easy -- with the performance we saw, I'll be amazed if he doesn't have the inside track to the Rapids third goalie spot.

Kory Kindle: Defensively, Kindle was a bit shaky. The young second round draft pick had a few unfortunate moments at left back, unsurprising for a guy still trying to learn his trade defensively after being shifted from attacking left midfielder during his college career. Going forward, he had some very solid moments, including the assist on DeShorn Brown's goal late in the match.

Even with his problems on defense, he was still able to stick with guys fairly well and made a play or two. I'll be amazed if he puts up two more performances like that and escapes Arizona without a contract in hand.


Walter Martinez: Uh oh. Martinez certainly didn't look like a World Cup veteran during his second-half performance on Tuesday. He was getting into wrong positions, he wasn't taking chances and his passing seemed off. I'm sure we'll know more after he has had a few more days with the team, but that wasn't the best of first impressions.