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Rapids Likely (But Not Certain!) To Receive Second Rounder In 2014 MLS Draft From Macoumba Kandji Trade

Hey, remember the Macoumba Kandji trade that landed the Rapids a conditional pick in the 2014 draft? Well, the Rapids will be getting that pick now with Kandji's move to Greece.

Bob Levey

Macoumba Kandji, who bounced up from the NASL to Major League Soccer and had time with the New York Red Bulls, Colorado Rapids and Houston Dynamo, finally got a move to Europe this week. Granted, it was a move to a second division Greek team, but Europe is Europe!

That leaves a bit of a question for the Rapids, though. Kandji was originally traded to the Dynamo at the start of 2012 for a conditional 2014 draft pick. The terms were made clear by Jose de Jesus Ortiz on Twitter: "Rapids are guaranteed Dynamo's 3rd pick in 2014. If Kandji meets appearance mark, Rapids get 2nd pick instead or 1st if he re-signs."

The Dynamo did try to re-sign Kandji, and will retain his MLS rights, but the fact that the re-signing never went through probably means that we won't be seeing that first rounder. (Of course, there is a chance that it is more complicated than that. We'll have to stay tuned.) That means the Rapids will either get Houston's first round Supplemental Draft pick, or a second rounder in the SuperDraft.

It depends if Kandji met the appearance mark that was set for him by Houston. With 29 appearances on the season, I would be absolutely amazed if he didn't, but as of right now we haven't yet heard if he did or not. However, you probably won't go wrong with putting your bets on an extra second-rounder for the Rapids in Philadelphia next January.