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How Not To Find Burgundy Wave III: The Bourghening

Sometimes, people find Burgundy Wave using really weird Google search terms. Here's the third installment of some of my favorites.

Doug Pensinger

Every so often, I like to root around the site analytics and check out search terms that have brought people to Burgundy Wave. Since this site doesn't get the traffic that most of the bigger sites around the SB Nation network get, I have to wait a while for a suitable list of weird ones.

On the bright side, some of them are still just head-shake worthy.

Here are some of my favorite Google and Yahoo (I'm sure some of them were from Bing, but I'm not going to Vegas and putting it all on red for that prediction) from the past few months:

ice cream game part 2
I'm fairly sure this linked to one of Virginia's ice cream posts from the 2012 season, but this is one of those search terms that make me more intrigued by what they were actually looking for in the first place. Birthday party games involving ice cream? Or something far more sexy?

is hendry thomas a doctor
He has a PhD in passing, obviously. I hear he got a passing grade on his exams too. (I'll stop before this gets out of hand.)

burgeondy wave
Welp. Gotta have at least one of these in every post.

the ? gave us plenty of light. (4)
I've got no clue on this one.

Unrelated to our dubstep blogging cousins, Burgundy Wub.

rtd fastracks dicks
Yes, yes they are!

stan kroenke terrible


lodos bs ,
LoDo's is one of my favorite bars, but I don't recall mentioning it on this site at any point. The stray comma also confuses me.

Usually don't get random misspelled player last names like that.

colorado rapids looking for new players
Can you play defense? Are you applying? Please, step on in.

Somehow I doubt this person got what they were hoping for when they made that search.

Bourghundy Wave
Oh, for fuck's sake.