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Nick LaBrocca Signing Made Official

The Colorado Rapids confirmed the signing of Nick LaBrocca on Friday.


I can stop adding the qualifier 'if he signs' to every Nick LaBrocca story from now on! On Friday, the Colorado Rapids made the signing of the once former and now present Rapid official.

LaBrocca joins an already crowded midfield, where he will probably be used in a more shifting role than everyone else on the field. His ability to play both attacking midfielder (as he did for Chivas to great success) and holding midfielder (where he was occasionally used by Gary Smith during his first time here) will provide another sprinkle of versatility into the team's mix. If there's one thing that Oscar Pareja loves, it's versatility.

Given the speed of the signing following the acquisition of his rights, it looks likely that Eric Avila was, indeed, giving the team problems in terms of a contract. Now the team has another player on the roster as opposed to just the rights to one.

All things considered though, I think I would have rather traded Avila's rights for Casey Townsend, considering the asking price for him was apparently a bag of jockstraps.