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Colorado Rapids Acquire Charles Eloundou In Weighted Lottery

The Colorado Rapids have signed Cameroonian youngster Charles Eloundou after winning a weighted lottery.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Hinchey announced that we had won a 'lottery' earlier today, which at first made it look like we had signed a brilliant player. Actually, it turns out that the Rapids literally won a weighted lottery, which gave them the rights to sign U-20 Cameroonian Charles Eloundou.

Wait, the Rapids won a weighted lottery? We never win weighted lotteries!

There is pretty much nothing on the internet about this kid, but there is one little scouting report floating around from a site called West African Football. According to it, he is a winger/striker, with a strong build and plenty of pace. It also says that his birthday is unknown, which adds some extra fun into the equation. Is he 17? Is he 18? Who knows!?

Hopefully we'll learn more about this guy (specifically, when he was born) in the coming weeks after the Rapids sign him and start giving him some training camp time.

(The Rapids official media release says he was born on December 4th, 1994. The mystery ends!)